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 Indiana University Bloomington

Office of Admissions

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One of the best parts of IU is all the options. You’ll have hundreds of degree programs, student groups, learning opportunities, and events to choose from to shape your education. But why wait for college? You can experience what it means to BeIU by creating a personalized BeIU VIP page.

Click here to create your Be IU VIP page!

Once you create your interest page, you’ll get personalized info about academics, extracurricular activities, housing, and more. We also update the page regularly with information about what's happening on campus, so you'll know what our students are doing, what videos they're watching, and where the best places on campus are to work out, eat lunch, and just meet up with friends.

After you create your BeIU page, you will be added to our mailing list so you can receive more information about IU, including personalized announcements and invitations based on your interests.

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