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 Indiana University Bloomington

Office of Admissions

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Academic Opportunities

At IU, your education can be as broad and as hands-on as you want it to be. Spend up to a year studying in countries like Australia and Japan. Conduct research with a professor (you might even be able to publish your findings). Create your own major. Live in a learning community. Take honors classes. It’s your choice.

Hutton Honors College and Honors Programs

The Hutton Honors College offers our most academically talented students numerous benefits: small classes taught by distinguished faculty, research opportunities, honors housing, and a wide variety of extracurricular programs and social events.

Many IU schools and departments also offer honors programs within their majors, which can lead to a General Honors Notation upon graduation.

Individualized Major Program

Can’t find a major that covers exactly what you want to study? The Individualized Major Program allows you to create your own program of study. Examples of custom-made majors include musical theatre, Japanese animation, peace studies, art therapy, and underwater archaeology.


You can work with faculty mentors on groundbreaking scientific research. The Integrated Freshman Learning Experience (IFLE) puts you in an IU lab before your first semester, and the four-year IU Science, Technology, and Research Scholars (STARS) Program pairs you with a faculty mentor and includes an annual stipend. And these programs are just the beginning: we also offer lab courses, independent study, and honors theses.

Overseas Study

Each year, more than 2,500 IU Bloomington students live and study in another country for a summer, semester, or full academic year. IU offers more than 100 overseas study programs in approximately 40 countries and 17 languages, and programs cover nearly every field of study. You can earn credit toward your degree requirements, and financial aid can be applied toward overseas study.

Preprofessional Study

Interested in law, medicine, or another health career? The Health Professions and Prelaw Center will help you prepare now to get into the professional school of your choice through advising, seminars, workshops, test preparation, and resume building.

Intensive Freshman Seminars

Get a head start on your first year in the optional, two-week Intensive Freshman Seminars—one of the programs that earned IU national recognition for helping freshmen succeed. You’ll live in a residence hall, take a three-credit course that counts towards your fall semester, make friends with other freshmen, and become familiar with campus life and college expectations before the fall semester begins.

Learning Communities

Learning communities are located throughout the residence halls and give you the opportunity to live, learn, travel, study, and have fun with other students who share your academic and social interests. There are numerous interest-based communities ranging from outdoor adventure to performing arts to the Global Village.


Most IU students participate in at least one internship during their college careers. Internships help you gain work experience and make connections with potential employers and mentors. Your sophomore and junior years are prime internship periods.

Interdisciplinary Programs

A number of IU programs bridge areas of study to prepare students for interdisciplinary careers. The Liberal Arts and Management Program (LAMP) combines students’ passion for the arts and sciences with courses in management, and our Political and Civic Engagement (PACE) program helps students develop skills for participating in American political and civic life.


Our service-learning opportunities allow you to combine your course work with a community service project. Almost every academic program at IU offers at least one service-learning course. You can also volunteer in and around Bloomington or participate in an alternative spring break project elsewhere in the country.